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11 September 2015
The class action run by lawfirm Maurice Blackburn v ANZ

15 November 2010
And still the banks persist in illegal “con”tracts. Please see the extract from Bankwest’s conditions of use booklet

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[Interesting that Maurice Blackburn, the lawyers who ran to date, have lost the case, and its underwriter, IMF, do not seem at all perturbed by the loss, even though their costs would be well into the millions. On cannot help wondering whether the whole matter was deliberately set up as a farce, in order to deal with the growing clamour against penalty fees, with its attendant cost and embarrassment to the banks, with collusion between the banks, judges and both parties' legal representatives from the outset].

Banks are thieves – an irrefutable proposition. This website has been up since late 2007; all banks in Australia know of it, yet none has sought to challenge the assertion, let alone take legal action to have it taken down since they well know that the truth of the statement is invincible.

My real enemy doesn't have a name or a face or a party, he'll never run as president, and so he'll never be elected, although he does govern - my enemy is the world of finance.

Incoming French president Francois Hollande

The issue which has swept down the centuries and which will have to be fought sooner or later is the people versus the banks.

Lord Acton 1834 - 1902

As above, at the moment the major theft dealt with here, that of penalty fees, a form of fraud, is deemed no longer fraud, until and unless honest judges reverse the decision of the Federal Court. It will not have escaped your attention that many banks have either done away with penalty fees altogether (eg. NAB), or markedly reduced them (e.g. CBA). It will be interesting to see whether these venal corrupt institutions now reintroduce them.

Nicole Rich, Director of Policy and Campaigns at the Consumer Action Law Centre, Victoria, started running a campaign against banks’ penalty fees in 2004, and a large part of the credit for these results must go to her, as also to Choice magazine for their unfailing fight against the banks, and the media, particularly Channel 7’s Today Tonight and Channel 9’s A Current Affair. We at like to think that the 13 cases in which we have sued banks, with 13 wins, and the many people who have simply successfully demanded their fees back after reading our website, have also contributed to this outcome.

This win by the banks who obviously bought the decision, is but a temporary setback. Honesty WILL eventually prevail.

For the moment will concentrate on two other  forms of theft,  that of  bank loan “contracts” which are not, in many cases, actually any such thing, due to being invalid, or void, and which breach contract law, and are therefore unenforceable in any court in the country, and Random Theft.

Banks and other financial institutions such as charge card companies, credit card issuers, building societies and all other non-bank lenders continually engage in many different types of fraud with their customers. This site will expose them all, and list them, and tell you how to escape from fraudulent so-called contracts, recoup any fees, charges and interest that should not have been charged, and if you wish to go further, how to sue the banks.

......................  In some cases, invalid contracts being one such, exemplary damages on top of ordinary damages are available, since the offence is of a particular type, a Tort, in this case that of Fraudulent Misrepresentation. Should you wish our lawyers to sue on your behalf, we will be delighted to assist.