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11 September 2015
The class action run by lawfirm Maurice Blackburn v ANZ

15 November 2010
And still the banks persist in illegal “con”tracts. Please see the extract from Bankwest’s conditions of use booklet

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Banks Are Thieves
John Curtis, NSW


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Banks' money worthless.

You need half a million dollars to buy a house.

Adverts you have seen for decades and society's habits have affected your thinking (brainwashed you) into assuming that you must borrow from a bank or other financial institution, such as a credit union.

You have swallowed the myth that banks have something of worth called money. They do not. The ANZ does not. Westpac does not. Commonwealth Bank does not. NAB does not. Nor does any other bank or other financial institution.  

What do you actually "borrow" when a bank "lends" you money?

Do you walk out of the bank clutching a box containing 5,000 $100 notes? Unlikely, and if you do, what have you got? 5,000 pretty green pieces of plastic upon which is written words to the effect that they are legal tender. That, then, is their "money".

But what are these notes worth? Well, they cost about 34 cents each to make.

They used to be called "promissory" notes, because the bank promised to pay the bearer gold to the value of the note, but the gold standard disappeared in Australia in 1932.

So you have just 5,000 x 34 cents worth of "money" with which the bank provided you.

Or, more likely, the bank "transfers" "money" into your account. Tap tap tap on the keyboard, and your bank account now shows a credit of half a million, which is not real, has nothing of any value backing it, and has just been created out of thin air.

Unlike a bank, you are not permitted to create money by tapping a keyboard, or printing plastic notes. To repay a loan that the bank actually did not make, because all it did was create a credit, you must earn money, and on top of that, pay interest, (usury), which has been ill-thought of by any moral person since history began.

 What a bank is actually doing whenever it makes a "loan" is committing the criminal offences of Attempted Fraud, Intention to defraud, Fraud, Deception, and False Documents. What has now been done a number of times in the US is a customer defaults on the "loan" repayments, and challenges the bank to prove that:


a) it actually lent him anything of any value and

b) if it did, can it show clear title to that which it lent?


Curiously, whenever this occurs, the bank pays the challenger off to keep quiet - a sure sign that the banks know full well that what they are doing is completely unlawful. 


Please research this yourself; see "The Credit River Decision", where the judge declared that "only God himself can produce something from thin air" referring to the 'creation' of money, and the "Walker Todd Affidavit", a former Attorney for the Federal Reserve declared that the banks biggest secret is that they are in fact the borrower, and we are in fact the lender, given that they accept the promissory note we created and gave value to by signing it as a deposit on their books in the same way as they would cash.