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11 September 2015
The class action run by lawfirm Maurice Blackburn v ANZ

15 November 2010
And still the banks persist in illegal “con”tracts. Please see the extract from Bankwest’s conditions of use booklet

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Banks Are Thieves
John Curtis, NSW


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1st Newsletter - 26th October 2007

This site recorded about 63 hits in its first week, mainly because approximately 80 flyers/cards giving its address were handed out in Liverpool, NSW, last Friday, 19/10/07.

Banks are slowly being forced to give ground on fees and charges, scrapping some and reducing others as pressure being brought to bear on them mounts.  The articles in the media and on the Choice site illustrate this.

However, many banks and other financial institutions are opting, or already have opted, to charge a higher rate for cash advances than purchases with credit cards; this more than offsets what they lose in fees and charges, and has no rational explanation other than greed.

Again, the only way to change this is through force of numbers.  As with Baxter Detention Centre, where, when just a few protesters gathered at weekends to voice their concerns about the unnecessarily long time taken to process people who had arrived in this country by boat without documents, they were ignored.  However, by the time the number had swelled to more than a thousand protesters, complemented by the media and a couple of back–benchers seeing this now as a way to get their five minutes of fame, the processing was speeded up, the detention centre was finally emptied of refugees, and it has now been demolished.  Yes, there are still boat people awaiting processing offshore, but not as many, and not for so long.

So, write to your Senator, MPs, state and federal Treasurers, and your bank if your bank is one that has done this.  Download a complaint letter, personalize it, and away you go.  Don’t forget to ask for your bank manager next time you go into your bank, and make a point of telling them that you are not happy, and that you want changes made.  Let them know that you expect fair and legal contracts to replace current unfair illegal ones.

Please email me and let me know what action you decided to take, and the response.  Be prepared to send follow up emails – it doesn’t take long, and if the desired result is quickly achieved you and every other bank customer will benefit.  It’s up to you; the more people act, the more emails each person sends, the sooner banks will start treating their customers fairly.